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About Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine uses plant based medicines for the treatment and prevention of disease as well as improving overall wellbeing. Modern herbal medicine is based on thousands of years of traditional use, combined with up to date modern scientific research.


Which conditions may be helped by herbal medicine?

A wide spectrum of conditions can be successfully treated with herbal medicine including:


  • Digestive disorders - including reflux, bloating, inflammatory bowel disease

  • Immune system disturbances including autoimmune conditions

  • Female hormonal imbalances including menstrual and menopausal difficulties as well as fertility issues

  • Other hormone imbalances such as thyroid problems and diabetes

  • Stress, anxiety and tension

  • Fatigue

  • Poor memory and concentration

  • Improving the outcome of conventional cancer treatments

  • Skin conditions


About Sandy Jeudwine - The Village Herbalist

Sandy Jeudwine is a treehugging, plant loving herbalist from far Northern NSW. Rooted firmly in the vitalist herbal tradition Sandys deep joy is growing, wildcrafting and making medicines.

After observing a trend away from traditional herbal knowledge and a move towards more pharmaceutical style prescribing, Sandy has been on a mission to reconnect people with plants and the philosophies and skills of traditional herbal medicine.

In July 2019 Sandy opened “The Village Herbalist", a unique retail herbal dispensary, clinic and medicine making space in Alstonville. She practises patient centred care and always aims to treat people rather than diseases.

She is the founder of Australias largest herbal medicine practitioner Facebook group and is the co-creator of “Root and Branch” the first gathering of traditional herbal medicine practitioners and students in Australia.

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