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Stainless Steel Percolators

Percolation involves slowly passing a solvent or menstruum through powdered herb material. Percolation is a quick and efficient method of making high quality herbal extracts from dried plant material and allows for achieving 1:2 ratios of dried herb to menstruum, something which may be more difficult to achieve using maceration as an extraction method.

The entire process of percolation may be completed in hours, in contrast to maceration which may take 2 - 4 weeks to complete. 

Percolation is an extremely cost effective way to produce tinctures - for example 250g of Australian grown certified organic Dandelion root which costs $18.00 will yield 500mL of 1:2 organic tincture. Percolation also allows for the production of small quantities of less frequently used herbs, allowing you to expand your dispensary without the worry of expiry dates.


Advantages of our percolators:
  • Superbly crafted and designed

  • Manufactured from food grade 316 stainless steel and lead free food grade solder

  • The diameter of the tube allows for processing small or large quantities of plant material

  • Ideal diameter to length column ratio to maximise extraction

  • High quality stainless steel ball valve for easy control of flow rate

  • Includes a stable, solid custom fitted stand with height adjustable clamp to suit various collection vessels

  • All stainless steel parts make it hygienic and easy to clean

  • Includes tamping rod and mesh screen 

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