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Herbal Energetics - the elements of nature.

It is a little difficult for me to write how I use energetics in my practice. It may be easier to elucidate the occasions where I momentarily forget the energetic world and fall into a vortex of materialism.

When the college I was studying Naturopathy at in the 1980’s went bankrupt, I followed my homeopathy teachers to a new college they set up and immersed myself in the study of classical homeopathy. I used to joke that I was a “born again homeopath” - fervent, diligent and obsessive. I received the top accolade in my graduating year, and went directly into practice as a classical homeopath.

At that time, although I already had an extensive knowledge of herbs and flower essences, it was the completely wholistic, energetic basis of homeopathy that had me enthralled. From the thorough case taking of the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical realms to the minuscule doses, and profound results, I had everything I needed.

I immediately purchased a radionics potentiser so that I had access to remedies that were not in my physical dispensary, studied Reiki and set off to the North Coast to be of service.

Working for my whole student life in health food shops and then feeling as though I needed some financial security, I opened a health food store in my small town, which made it difficult to continue the single minded focus classical homeopathy requires.

So back to school I went to get a piece of paper that said I also knew something about herbs. At this time the landscape was changing in the field of natural therapies. There was a push for evidence based practice and a shift towards a much more biomedical model of prescribing. This was in direct contrast to the handwritten materia medica notes from my earlier studies that talked about energetics and tissue states for particular herbs.

I got sucked in to the biomedical model for a short while before I fortunately met someone who re-awakened my knowledge of the energetics of herbs and how to recognise and treat energetic states in individuals rather than disease names. Sadly this mentor passed away before before my education was complete, but I am thankful without limit for his gift and inspiration and for getting me back on track.

These days my herbal prescriptions are focused on the thermal and moisture qualities expressed by plants and the presentation of the individual, regardless of their diagnosis.

And I find myself turning 180 degrees back towards homeopathy.

Many of the indications for the use of North American herbs came from the homeopathic provings. If you would like to know a herb and its specific indications deeply, consult a homeopathic Materia Medica.

Many of our common herbs have the same actions as low potency homeopathics as they do in material doses. Now, at a time when sustainability is such a pressing concern within the supply of herbs, it makes total sense to use small potentised doses matched to specific states rather than material doses.

These days, my potentiser is my most treasured tool, and I have been hand sucussing fresh plant tinctures to form low potency homeopathics. I appear to do less and less and yet results are more and more profound.

And I have let go of my classical cloak. I am very comfortable using homeopathic combinations. Although I sometimes blush when I hear myself saying “it is a homeopathic combination of steroids and antibiotics”, I have complete certainty that these combinations work swiftly and effectively. And that is all that matters.

If I have any advice to give other practitioners it is to really get to know what is unique to the person seeking your guidance - what is their energetic imprint? At the time of seeking help when the energetic imbalance presents as a physical symptom, it is very easy to mistake the symptom for what actually requires treatment.

Baical Skullcap

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