Fire & Ice

An introduction to Herbal Energetics
Online Webinar
Thursday 28th September 7.00pm

Every traditional medicine system has an understanding of humoral or energetic theory as it relates to health and disease. Western Herbal Medicine has by and large discarded an energetic understanding of people and plants in favour of a molecular or physiologic understanding of how plant medicines work.


This class will teach you:

* the fundamentals of energetic assessment

* how to recognise hot/cold, damp/dry tissue states

* tongue diagnosis as it relates to energetic patterns

* herbal actions that relate to energetic patterns and how to match herbal medicines to energetic states

* energetics applied in case studies


Registration includes:

* 90 - 120 minute Zoom Class

* A treasure box of handcrafted herbal tinctures for hands on organoleptic experience during the class

* CPE certificate